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The industrial age is long gone, and now in the age of knowledge, people are the capital of the organisation.


StewardBright works with the best solutions in their class, whether it be coaching training, assessments, technology or executive coaches.


Björn Schigt (CH/NL) founded StewardBright to provide high quality solutions for developing human capital to enable personal and leadership growth.

Bjorn Schigt StewardBright

Björn Schigt
Founder StewardBright Switzerland

Björn has earned his stripes in the corporate world over 17 years, in executive, operational and consulting roles on all continents for global industry leaders.


His professional experience and expertise in leadership, strategy and commercial excellence are complemented by a broad and lifelong academic exploration, with a strong interest in leadership, organisation and business subjects.


He holds two Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, and most recently he was awarded a Master’s Degree from HEC Paris & University of Oxford in the field of organisation and leadership change and transformation.


Besides StewardBright, Björn supports international top executives in developing their leadership and enhancing their and their team’s performance, as a leadership consultant & coach.

Contact Information

Tiergartenstrasse 14, Kilchberg (ZH)

+41 43 377 5065