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A world-renowned and respected certification. 50,000 Erickson graduates can’t be wrong. 85 countries, 12 languages and classes worldwide.

  • Internationally recognised coaching training program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Connection to a community of global change-makers passionate about human development
  • Coaching skills based on neuroscience, positive psychology and 40 years of tested methodology
  • A learning experience that will engage you on all levels and align with what is important to you
  • Be able to learn, practice and grow with a cohort of diverse individuals
  • Competencies that will elevate your overall communication and leadership abilities

As Erickson Coaching International’s partner for Switzerland and Germany, we support aspiring coaches and leaders in obtaining the ICF Level 1 (ACC) or Level 2 (PCC) Certification from start to finish.

Erickson was established in 1980 with the goal of empowering individuals to raise self-awareness, inspire personal growth and create positive transformation throughout the globe.

Almost since its establishment, Erickson is considered to be the best coaching education with its flag ship program “The Art & Science of Coaching” and specialty trainings such as Leader as a Coach, High Performance Team Coaching and Coaching Placement.

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ICF Level 1 StewardBright Switzerland Germany Coaching Training

ACC/Level 1 (online/en)

The Art & Science of Coaching Essentials:

ACSTH program for Level 1/ACC ICF Credential

Essentials Course: 64 hours of education over 16 sessions

2x group mentoring of in total 7 hours (within 3-4 weeks after the Essential Course)

3x 1:1 mentoring of total 3 hours

Price: CHF 4.250,- (4.490,-)

Special Offer: price includes 60 credits for 

SBE11: 18 Apr – 01 Aug Thu 18.00-21.15
SBE12: 27 Apr – 07 Sep Sat 16.00-19.15
SBE13: 02 May – 15 Aug Thu 16.00-19.15
SBE14: 15 May – 28 Aug Wed 00.00-03.15
SBE15: 22 May – 13 Jul Wed & Sat 17.00-20.15
SBE16: 28 May – 10 Sep Tue 21.00-00.15
SBE17: 11 Jun – 01 Aug Tue & Thu 18.00-21.15
SBE18: 19 Jun – 02 Oct Wed 20.00-23.15
SBE19: 18 Jul – 31 Oct Thu 18.00-21.15
SBE20: 24 Jul – 06 Nov Wed 14.00-17.15
SBE21: 01 Aug – 24 Sep Tue & Thu 18.00-21.15
SBE22: 10 Aug – 14 Dec Sat 16.00-19.15
ICF Level 2 StewardBright Switzerland Germany Coaching Training

PCC/Level 1+2 (online/en)

The Art & Science of Coaching Advanced:

ACTP program for Level 2/PCC ICF Credential (see benefits of ACTP below)

Essentials Course: 64 hours of education over 16 sessions

 + Advanced Course: 64 hours of education over 16 sessions

2x group mentoring of in total 7 hours (within 3-4 weeks after the Advanced Course)

6x 1:1 mentoring of total 6 hours

Price: CHF 8.000,- (8.490,-)

Special Offer: price includes 60 credits for 

SBA01: 22 May – 04 Sep Wed 13.00-16.15
SBA02: 29 May – 11 Sep Wed 16.00-19.15
SBA03: 05 Jun – 18 Sep Wed 13.00-16.15
SBA04: 16 Apr – 06 Jun Tue+Thu 18.00-21.15
SBA05: 20 Jun – 03 Oct Thu 18.00-21.15
SBA06: 13 Jul – 16 Nov Sat 16.00-19.15
SBA07: 10 Jul – 23 Oct Wed 16.00-19.15
SBA08: 24 Jul – 06 Nov Wed 16.00-19.15
SBA09: 31 Jul – 07 Aug Wed 13.00-16.15
SBA10: 07 Sep – 18 Jan Sat 16.00-19.15
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MCC/Level 3 (online/en)

The Art & Science of Coaching MCC JOURNEY COURSE:

MCC Journey program for Level 3/MCC ICF Credential

Course: 65 hours of live and asynchronous training, offering an immersive learning experience, 16 x 3hr15m online sessions, once per week

Mentor Bundle: 2 x 2h15m group mentoring sessions. 4 x 90min 1:1 mentor sessions, and Level 3 Oral Assessment

We offer the required 75 hours of instruction and mentoring to ensure you are fully prepared for the MCC Credentia.


  • 200+ hours of coaching education
  • 2500+ hours of coaching experience
  • Holds, or previously held, PCC/Level 2 credential

Requirements for the MCC Credential:

  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • Successful completion (passing score) of a performance evaluation
  • Successful completion (passing score) of the ICF Credentialing Exam (not included)
Price: CHF 7.490,-

Special Offer: price includes 60 credits for 

MCC Course
Start: 05 Mar Tue 16.00-19.15


MCC Mentor
Start: 13 Aug Tue 16.00-18.15
Ideal for
  • Individuals seeking a foundation for coaching skills to begin coaching quickly
  • Individuals who are eager to receive a credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Individuals who want to become better leaders and communicators by adding coaching to their skillset
  • Coach Training: Solution-Focused Essentials Course, 16 sessions at 3h15m
  • Mentoring: Solution-Focused Essentials Mentor Bundle: 2 group mentoring session at 3h45m and 3 individual mentoring sessions at 1h
Schedule Options, Duration & Time Commitment:
  • Coach Training once a week option (6-7 months): 5h weekly time commitment – includes both your live session and required self-study
  • Coach Training twice a week option (5-6 months): 9h weekly time commitment – includes both your live session and required self-study
  • Mentoring: group sessions once a week, individual sessions according to your and your mentor’s availability
Erickson Coaching Switzerland Training ACTP ICF ACSTH executive leadership life

ICF requirements fulfilled by the Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Accreditation program:

  • Minimum of 60 ICF Accredited Coach Training Hours (Erickson provides 64 hours)
  • 6 Mentoring Hours (included in your Erickson program)

Additional ICF requirements NOT included in your Erickson program:

  • Attestation of 100 client coaching hours
  • Submit an audio-recorded coaching session and transcript
  • Pass the ICF Coaching Knowledge Assessment
  • Pay the ICF Credential Application Fee
Full Program: CHF 4’490.-
Ideal for
  • Individuals wanting a comprehensive coach training that advances beyond the foundation
  • Individuals wanting to become organisational and/or independent professional coaches
  • Individuals interested in receiving a higher-level credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Coach Training: Solution-Focused Essentials Course, 16 sessions at 3h15m + Solution Focused Advanced Application Course, 16 sessions at 3h15m
  • Mentoring: Solution-Focused Advanced Mentor Bundle: 1 group mentoring session at 4h20m, 6 individual mentoring sessions at 1h and 1 oral assessment at 1hr
Schedule Options, Duration & Time Commitment:
  • Coach Training once a week option (11-16 months): 5h weekly time commitment – includes both your live session and required self-study
  • Coach Training twice a week option (6-12 months): 9h weekly time commitment – includes both your live session and required self-study
  • Mentoring: group sessions once a week, individual sessions according to your and your mentor’s availability, oral assessment according to your and your mentor’s availability

ICF requirements fulfilled by the Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Accreditation program:

  • Minimum of 125 ICF Accredited Coach Training Hours (Erickson provides 128 hours)
  • 10 Mentoring Hours (included in your Erickson program)
  • The required Oral Exam

Additional ICF requirements NOT included in your Erickson program:

  • Attestation of 500 client coaching hours
  • Pass the ICF Coaching Knowledge Assessment
  • Pay the ICF Credential Application Fee
Full Program: CHF 8’490.-

ACTP stands for Accredited Coach Training Program and is a pathway that is followed by ICF approved coach training institutes, such as Erickson, to conduct programs under the accreditation (see ICF site).

The benefits of the ACTP path are: at least 14 weeks faster, more cost-effective, all-inclusive from training to final evaluation, and allows for ACC/L1, PCC/L2 and eventually MCC/L3 training.

As compared to the offer of ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) approved coaching providers, which only train ACC/L1, are less cost-effective, leading to a cumbersome and lengthy accreditation process, as well as extensive ICF administration.

If you would like to book a program or if you would like to have more information, please submit the form with your contact details, topic and any questions – and we will contact you.

    Tailor-made Company Solution:
    • The Leader as Coach program delivers a coaching culture breakthrough in 3 days onsite or 26 hours online
    • This is followed by a 45-day follow-up program that integrates learning and results
    • The approach introduces a powerful methodology and process that drives strong hands-on learning with integrated breakthrough projects
    • We focus on a foundation of skills and a universal process that allows team members to manage people, projects and teams using simple coaching conversations and manage day- to-day projects in a wide variety of settings
    • We work with carefully selected projects and teams to maximize program impact
    • Most of all, our Leader as Coach is designed to align with existing company goals, organizational strategy, and the executive leadership culture

    The Leader as Coach program is designed to support and run in parallel with existing training or people development initiatives, however it is more focused on the coaching mindset and how to integrate this into the larger organization

    The program deeply integrates coaching and team coaching with  management principles and practices; This provides the broad foundation required to ensure that organization-wide growth and stability initiatives are successful

    • Online format: 8 interactive sessions of 3h15 minutes
    • Onsite format: 3-day intensive
    Pre-Program Intake
    • Intake Survey: Challenges and opportunities
    • Needs: assess individual and organizational needs
    • Interviews: Include stakeholders in discussions
    • Breakthrough Projects: Define and select breakthrough projects and teams
    • Optional Orientation: Short call to introduce the program and prepare the

    Note: Carefully selecting and defining the breakthrough projects is the key to
    ensuring overall program success

    Core Program Elements

    Session 1-2: (Day 1)

    Leader as Coach: A flexible, iterative, and open system
    Q Model: Trust, Vision, and Action. Questions and mindset
    Ask leadership: Asking powerful questions, servant leadership
    Trust: Building trust with open dialogue about the current state
    Real Projects: Hands-on corporate breakthrough projects

    Session 3-6: (Day 2)

    Coaching: Everyone engages in questions and conversational system
    Vision: Building a clear picture of the desired state
    Strategy: Working through confusion to get to simple and clear
    Team: Team Coaching Style Leadership, self-directed teams
    Visual: Whiteboarding and visual-spacial thinking systems

    Session 7-8: (Day 3)

    Alignment: Focus on value(s) to align on a single strategy and vision
    Action: Promise 7-day iterative action, deal with the reality of implementation
    Ownership: Accountability structures and 100% committed
    Tracking: Real time tracking of iterative results and engagement

    Learning Engagement
    • Between each session there will be individual and team assignments and project work
    • Participants should allocate additional time for practice and project work
    • Participants and teams will track and post ongoing results in a group chat forum
    Price upon request
    Ideal for
    • Leaders and coaches wanting to develop effective frameworks to work with teams both virtually and in-person
    • Internal organisational coaches wanting to contribute to a productive working environment by fostering strong teams

    High Performance Team Coaching is a course for coaches, facilitators and  leaders who want to work effectively with teams:

    • You will learn frameworks, tools and methods based on Erickson’s Solution-Focused coaching model both for online and on-site team coaching
    • You will be able to apply these principles in a practical way that fosters overall team productivity and communication
    • 8 sessions, once a week
    • 3h15 minutes per week
    • facilitation skills for team alignment and trust
    • ability to develop team effectiveness
    • understanding of how to create team charters with mission
    • nurture team bonding and cohesiveness
    • application of visual thinking systems and tools
    • deeper ability to work with the systemic nature of teams
    • ability to enhance co-creative relationships.
    Program Curriculum

    Module 1: Coming Together as a Team (Session 1-2-3)

    Learn how to engage team members and solicit their unique skills and talents. Use a variety of team methods to develop a ‘team mind’. Based on your organization’s overall purpose, define with the team its principles and values that form the  underlying basis for working together. Explore aspects of team effectiveness that help create key structures and promote decision-making abilities. Practice how to appreciate team members’ contributions, skills and talents.

    Module 2: The High Performing Teams (Session 4-5-6)

    By understanding how some of people’s key brain systems function, it will become apparent that team bonding and visioning can actively be developed. Support the team to expand their creative thinking within different contexts, moving from ideas to actions. Create effective meeting structures and develop team dialogue to sharpen goal setting.

    Module 3: Sustaining Team Collaboration (Session 7-8)

    Measure and track team progress and find opportunities to improve collaboration. Apply brainstorming tools to support creating action steps and accountability with  team members. Gain skills in supporting the team to resolve conflict situations. Learn how to recognize working with a variety of personality traits, styles and  mindsets that impact team dynamics.

    Price upon request



    ICF Level 1 StewardBright Switzerland Germany Coaching TrainingPart 1 – Inspiration

    Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “What do you want?” Part 1 covers the essential coach mindset, the elements that form a coaching relationship, Erickson’s Coach Position, and the step-by- step process of Erickson’s  coaching Arrow. In Part 1, the emphasis is shifting from problem oriented to Solution-Focused.

    At the end of Part 1, you will be able to:

    • Speak to a clear definition of coaching
    • Quickly create trust, safety and rapport with another
    • Listen to others at a deep level; hearing more than just the words
    • Step in to a ‘coaching mind set,’ remaining present, objective and ‘trigger free’
    • Create questions that elicit the very best possible answers
    • Use coaching methods that are in alignment with discoveries from brain science
    • Apply coaching tools to access the genius with in another
    • Use the power of voice tone to ensure the greatest impact
    • Conduct a full coaching session from beginning to end and generate results
    ICF Level 1 StewardBright Switzerland Germany Coaching TrainingPart 2 – Implementation

    Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “How might you accomplish it?” Part 2 has an additional focus on implementation and execution of the desired outcome. This part provides an improved relationship with strategizing,  Planning, prioritizing and using time effectively.

    At the end of Part 2, you will be able to:

    • Conduct a conversation that quickly prioritizes for immediate action
    • Structure and facilitate a first “discovery/intake” session
    • Adopt and maintain a long-term perspective of the ongoing coaching relationship
    • Use visual mapping tools to empower coaching conversations and creative thinking
    • Notice time management habits and how to leverage them
    • Ignite and re-ignite passion and long-term intrinsic motivation
    • Conduct a coaching session to create a project plan with built-in success contingencies
    • Notice blocks to creative thinking Work with the inner obstacles that impede  goal completion


    Part 1 – INTEGRATION

    Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “Why is that important to you?” In Part 1, we advance our coaching by developing the skill to uncover the client unique motivational structures. We deepen our ability to handle and overcome objections. We also leverage the power of values in enabling commitment and follow through.

    At the end of Part 1, you will be able to:

    • Ask questions to discover the deeper, and often invisible, intrinsic
    • Uncover and work effectively with hidden motivational patterns
    • Ask coaching questions that leverage the strengths of another
    • Advance your listening and coaching presence towards a mastery of unscripted and natural ’coaching in the moment’
    • Coach at the level of the ‘who’ the person is, not just at the level of their action and behaviour
    • Use provocative questions to challenge the client in to action
    • Apply an array of coaching power tools to resolve objections quickly
    ICF Level 2 StewardBright Switzerland Germany Coaching TrainingPart 2 – COMPLETION

    Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “How would you know you’ve achieved it?” In Part 2, we focus on how people experience success. We move through completion, including testing of skills and competencies in which the topics of all Parts fall into place to complete the bigger picture of integrated Solution-Focused Coaching.

    At the end of Part 2, you will be able to:

    • Demonstrate an advanced level of the ICF Core Competencies
    • Work effectively with negative emotions and stress states
    • Apply approaches that develop resilience and inner strength
    • Identify and work effectively with belief and value systems that influence the coaching conversations
    • Respond authentically to the client, in the moment, through advanced intuitive questioning
    • Conduct masterful advanced sessions that encourage positive transformation
    • Track and reveal the progress of coaching sessions
    • Design a plan of future success with your client



    • Incorporation of the neuro-linguistic techniques brain-based science in the coaching strategies
    • Resulting a more powerful questions for your best outcome of a coaching session
    • The quality of coaching depends on powerful questions
    • It helps you unlocking answers you did not know you had inside
    • Uncovering blindspots and finding innovative solutions, driving meaningful change
    • Every person is different, everyone needs to be coached in a tailored way
    • Every coaching session is fresh, dealing with a new person every single time
    • The coaching process and approach is adapted to you in your current situation
    • Listening to react and adapt instead of coming to the session with a set of prepared questions
    • Erickson coaches are not going to hand you the answer, but will empower you to find your own solutions
    • By tapping into your inner strengths and resources
    • Leading to solutions that last longer and work better, because they fit your life, because you are the expert
    • Erickson coaches will empower you to take accountability and responsibility for your outcomes and plans
    • Offering you the opportunity to really experience change in your life and owning it
    • Erickson coaches are well-trained to pull that thread of what seems to be a huge ball of interconnected problems
    • And help you break down this hugeness into manageable steps
    • To execute and step into momentum
    • Taking action is an integral part of the Erickson methodology
    • In each coaching session you will identify manageable actions steps which you can take right after the coaching session
    • Setbacks occur and you are in good hands with your Erickson coach to help you navigate and learn from potential failures
    • And coach you in creating a solution-focused mindset so you grow from setbacks and bounce back better
    • Erickson coaches are not in there to take your money and sell you a subscription
    • Erickson coaching stands for a project-based approach with and end-date with a mutually agreed result and timeline
    • You will have a point at the horizon that you are working towards
    • Every action and every question is feeding into this, which keeps you focused
    • Erickson coaches are trained to identify core issues quickly, together with you
    • So you make big strides towards sometimes world shifting insights and transformations very quickly
    • And not waste your precious time
    • Erickson coaching helps you discover and identify your core values, beliefs and motivations
    • This supports you in your personal growth beyond the coaching relationship
    • And sets you up for success and a fulfilling life, because you learn so much about yourself
    • Applying this knowledge consciously and subconsciously in any new context
    • Erickson coaching supports you to achieve balance in all the different areas of your life
    • Erickson coaches acknowledge that everything is interconnected, so it is important to be aware of what the consequences of setting your priorities are on other aspects of your life
    • Erickson coaches support you in understanding the ecology of everything around what you are discussing in a session
    • This ensures that the coaching experience addresses your overall well-being for long-term sustainable growth and fulfilment


    Coaching is a unique way to help people improve any aspect of their lives. The concept of coaching is often confused with forms of counseling, consulting, and therapy but coaching is actually very different. Coaching is future-focused. Coaching does not analyze the past but rather guides clients in their own goal setting. Coaches achieve this by asking the right kinds of questions and, most importantly, do not give advice, set goals, or take action on behalf of their clients.

    Erickson Coaching International’s methodology is solution-focused. The solution-focused coaching methodology is based on proven tools, techniques, and processes that help provide clients with the means to create truly transformational changes in their own lives. During coaching sessions, the coach and client embark on a creative partnership that aims to design and implement specific, meaningful, and measurable changes in the client’s personal and or professional life.

    The 4 Pillars of Erickson’s Solution-Focused Coaching Model

    Coaching is solution-focused. Coaching aims to move clients towards a positively framed future outcome. The coach and client do not dwell on past experiences but rather focus on what the client’s new future would look like and how the client shows up in that future vision.

    Systematic Process

    Coaching is a systematic process that helps the coach understand the client holistically. The coach assesses how proposed changes fit in with or may impact the client’s view of the world and contribution to their future vision and the bigger picture. The coach aids the client in exploring their values and how the client can find and create meaning in their life.

    Coaching is a client-centered approach and it is the role of the coach to encourage their client to trust their own inner resources. In Erickson coaching, we believe that clients are experts in their own lives and have the resources within themselves to create their unique future vision. Coaches also understand and respect their client’s values at all times and provide an advice-free zone.

    An understanding of the neuroscience of change and outstanding skills, techniques and competencies to help others reach their full potential…

    Coaching is action-oriented meaning that coaches help clients create change through specific, meaningful, inspired, and actionable steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behaviors and their desired habit formations.

    Skills and competencies you gain as an Erickson Solution-Focused Coach

    • You will develop the ability to quickly create trust with others and provide a safe and supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust.
    • You will develop the ability to quickly create rapport with clients using simple yet powerful tools.
    • You will develop and enhance your active listening skills and understand how syntax, tone of voice, and body language can contribute to understanding the true meaning of your client’s words.
    • You will learn how to view the world through your client’s eyes and understand the meaning of their words in the context of their own values and goals.
    • You will learn when to apply powerful questioning techniques that evoke discovery, insights, commitment, and action that move your client forward.
    • You will learn to facilitate bulletproof goal setting that opens doors to a new and extremely powerful kind of goal setting that is outcome-oriented.
    • You will master the skill of designing positive actions that help the client explore and prioritize their issues and guide them through difficult decision-making.
    • You will help your client develop and experience a true sense of accountability and instill positive long-term changes. You will learn how to do so with precise time management tools.